Springfield, Missouri: Fireworks Over America has partnered with Pyro Spectaculars by
Souza to develop a new line of fireworks. PyroSpec – ProGrade Fireworks will be the
highest quality of cross platform, close proximate and consumer fireworks ever created.
Joining forces the Souza and Ingram families bring over 150 years of experience between
the consumer and display fireworks industries.

Consumer fireworks have drastically improved in quality over the past few decades
allowing display companies to utilize what you see in your backyard in a professional
grade show. The display industry is rapidly expanding into different venues & markets
across the country. Ranging from small venues like school functions and weddings,
medium venues like fairs and civic events, to large events like major sporting events and
4th of July presentations.

By providing display companies -year around easy access & national distribution to close
proximity fireworks will allow companies to focus on show production and sales. It will
also allow companies to avoid burdensome regulatory hurdles that plague the display
industry on smaller shows. By providing exceptional quality, unparalleled customer
service and aggressive pricing these products will be very appealing to both professional
& consumer industries.

PyroSpec – ProGrade Fireworks are currently in production and will be available for
purchase in early 2019 with a wide variety of cakes, slabs, gerbs, shells, etc. that can be
purchased from an FOA distribution point. All devices will come with pre-installed TBucket
ports and will be classified as UN0431 Articles Pyrotechnic. 1.4G. There will be
an exact replica, from an effect standpoint, that will be UN0336 Consumer Firework
1.4G devices, which will be 100% tested by AFSL in accordance with CPSC regulations.

By utilizing the creativity of Pyro Spectaculars by Souza and the experienced distribution
of Fireworks Over America, PyroSpec Pro-Grade fireworks will create a brand identity
that, “no show is too large or too small”, “from your backyard to the Golden Gate
bridge”, “from sea to shining sea” we will offer the highest quality of close
proximate/consumer friendly fireworks ever created.

For more information and details please contact a Fireworks Over America or Pyro
Spectaculars by Souza representative listed below.


Pyro Spectaculars by Souza
Corporate Headquarters

Fireworks Over America
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